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Free Initial Consultation

Before you invest in our Hypnotherapy Services, you can request a Free Initial Consultation. Experience what the first session is like without risk or obligation! Intake paperwork is required and certain restrictions apply. Please click on  the button below for details. 

Free Initial Consultation

Mastering Relaxation Pre-Recorded Series

If live, customized hypnotherapy is out of your reach right now, or you just want a taste of what I offer beyond the Free Initial Consultation, or you just want the fundamentals of reducing anxiety, then the Mastering Relaxation pre-recorded two-part series is for you. Click the button below to learn more and find out how to order. 

Mastering Relaxation

Affordable Weight Loss Hypnosis Program

The first eight weeks of the Weight Loss Hypnosis Program are available as a separate hybrid program of pre-recorded hypnosis and all the materials in the live, customized program to support your success. You'll also get individual, live attention through Personalized Coaching calls each week with me.

Get started with achieving your goal weight and happily maintaining it today! Click on the button below to learn more. 

Affordable Weight Loss Hypnosis Program

Start or Join a Hypnotherapy Group!

By getting a few friends together who share the same goals, or by joining together with a few people who will become your new friends, you can save money because group participation costs less than private sessions. Click below to Contact Us and make your request. 

Request to Start or Join a Group

Gliding Scale Option

Help for your transformation can't always wait until you have the funds to pay the full fee. Some of the most loving people on the planet simply can't afford my usual fees right now. If you are in that situation, hugs!!! I've been there too. 

Now I have two questions for you:

  • Do you have the Willingness and Courage to Transform Your Life? 
  • Will doing the work with me help you rise to meet the challenges of life, put you on a path to living your life's purpose, and help you make the world a better place? 

If you answered YES, then do this:

  • Take stock of the reality of your situation and consider in your heart how generous you can be in a balanced exchange with me. 
  • I also offer two other affordable programs that you should check out: Mastering Relaxation and the Weight Loss Hypnosis Program
  • Contact me today with your offer for private sessions and your goals to get started. 
  • The planet needs you and your light! We have no time to waste!

Here's how to apply for the Gliding Scale Option: 

  1. Click on the button below to Contact Us and send your message requesting free access to the Hypnotherapy Members Only area. We have to add you by hand, so it might take 24-48 hours. If you're in a hurry, please just call us at 1-352-508-7444 and we'll add you. 
  2. Once you're added as a Member, you'll receive an automatic email telling you that "You're In!" for the Members Only access at Transformation Roadtrip LLC. 
  3. The email will contain a link that you will click to come back into our website through a secure connection. You'll be able to access the Hypnotherapy Members Only page through that link. (There is no User ID or Password, just that link to get in.  Please don't share the link—it's for your private use only.) 
  4. On the Hypnotherapy Members Only page, the online Intake Paperwork form also serves as the Gliding Scale Option application. Just fill it out and submit it. We'll let you know if we can accept your request. 

If you have any questions, we're here to support you! Just call us at 352-508-7444 and we'll be happy to help!

Request Free Access to the Hypnotherapy Members Only Page

Sponsor-A-Client Program

Your support and contributions allow us to provide more services to those in need. We receive many requests from people with big hearts, big needs and small incomes who would really benefit from Hypnotherapy, EFT and BEMER sessions. 

We already work with people on a "Gliding Scale" basis and have snuck in some pro bono work too. With your help, we can say yes more often to those who cannot afford even our "Gliding Scale"!

Together we can serve more disabled veterans, low income seniors, students and struggling parents. The services you sponsor may include Hypnotherapy, EFT and/or BEMER sessions. 

Beyond Hypnotherapy and BEMER sessions, we envision a day when we can outright hire other hypnotherapists and purchase BEMER medical devices for disabled veterans and to serve more people in need. 

We are not currently registered as a Not-for-Profit. Creating that is one of our goals. If you would like to help, please contact us

Thank you for helping to 

Transform the World. 

Together We Can. 

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