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About Ethics: What Hypnotherapists Can and Cannot Do

Do you need help with a medical or mental health issue? Many goals fall within the ordinary scope of Hypnotherapy—vocational and avocational goals and self-improvement—so no referral is necessary. However, issues that have a medical or mental health component or origin do require a healthcare referral from a licensed healthcare provider. 

Rest easy—my simple letter and one-page Provider Reply Form makes the process easy! (You can download a copy with instructions under "Files You Can Download" near the bottom of this webpage.) With your licensed provider's okay, you can use Hypnotherapy to work with your body-mind connection, habit control and stress reduction to help you deal with many different issues. I can see you for your first session without the referral, but you will need to get it to me by your second session to continue working with me.  

Keep in mind that Hypnotherapists are considered adjunct therapists rather than primary therapists and do not diagnose or treat medical or mental health conditions. In keeping with the Hypnotherapists Code of Ethics and for your own well-being, please seek out a qualified, licensed practitioner if you suffer from any condition with a medical or mental health origin or component. 

Although Hypnotherapy may help many conditions through the mind-body connection and stress reduction, it should never take the place of proper medical or mental health diagnosis, treatment or advice. Likewise, if you are concerned about other matters outside the scope of Hypnotherapy, please consult with your attorney, accountant, pastor or other professional for advice and counsel.

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