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Master Relaxation and Say Goodbye to Anxiety!

"Un-Learn" Anxiety and Replace It with Relaxation

Do you suffer from anxiety, panic or feelings of worry or nervousness? Have you tried talk therapy, medication or relaxation techniques but still have anxiety, nervousness or panic? 


Every anxiety you have is something you learned at some point in your life! 


1. Whatever anxiety you have learned—You can UNLEARN! 

2. You can stop adding new anxieties to your list!

The Mastering Relaxation program teaches you how to:

  • Stop new anxieties from forming and 
  • Toggle out of anxiety into relaxation any time, any place, at will!

This very effective, two-pronged approach to overcoming anxiety never made it into medical schools or psychology programs. That's why you haven't heard of it before. Your physician and therapist probably never have either!

When I teach this program to physicians and psychologists, they invariably have an "ah-ha" moment: they know the physiology but have never "connected the dots" on how anxiety is learned. 

The late Dr. John G. Kappas connected those dots. He was both a little-known father of modern hypnotherapy AND a clinical psychologist. He did 30 years of research with over 25,000 clients. His discoveries made it to his clients and students, but he didn't publish them in scientific journals. 

Now you can benefit from his research,  apply it to your own life and say your own GOODBYE TO ANXIETY!

You have TWO OPTIONS for Mastering Relaxation: 

LIVE, Customized-to-You Hypnotherapy 


The Affordable, Pre-Recorded Version

1. Mastering Relaxation Two-Part Series LIVE and Customized to You

  • Live and customized to you, these two private, full-length Hypnotherapy sessions are held a week apart to give you the foundation for Mastering Relaxation for life. 
  • Highly recommended for anyone who finds anxiety is getting in the way of achieving their goals.
  • Includes hypnosis recordings of your sessions, customized to you, for your reinforcement and your own personal hypnosis library. 
  • If you suffer from chronic or acute anxiety, anxiety disorder or panic attacks, you may need additional sessions to remove your specific triggers. (A Healthcare Referral is required if you are or should be under a licensed provider's care.)
  • Fee of $360 includes two consecutive, weekly Hypnotherapy Sessions plus your sessions' MP3 recordings for your personal library and reinforcement. 
  • Call me at 352-508-7444 or contact me online to schedule your live, private program. 

2. Mastering Relaxation Series Pre-Recorded Version

  • Here's a more affordable $57 option for the two-part series. Save over $300 by purchasing the sessions previously recorded live on the Journey to Magnificence conference call. 
  • All of the material is included plus hypnosis for each session, a total of four recordings in all:
  • Two classes, including hypnosis for each class
  • Plus two separate, shorter hypnosis reinforcement recordings taken from the classes for daily reinforcement. (Brain wave entrainment music added.) 
  • You will receive simple, step-by-step instructions and MP3 download links to download everything you need
  • If you already have acquired anxieties and want to unlearn them, just do the pre-recorded series first and then schedule what you need to deal with those specific triggers. 

Buy the Mastering Relaxation Two-Part Series Pre-Recorded Version Today

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Order the Mastering Relaxation Audio Course Here

Mastering Relaxation Audio Course (Four MP3 Recordings)

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Your purchase includes a total of four downloadable MP3 recordings: two classes and two hypnosis reinforcement recordings. Simple, step-by-step instructions guide you through the four steps of completing this two week program. 

Once you make your purchase, you will receive an email within 24 hours with the instructions and link to download the files from our Dropbox. (Please watch for our message in the email associated with your payment account.) 

If you have the Dropbox app, you can even listen to your new recordings through the app without downloading them to your device. 

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