About The Gypsy Gals

Positive Music: New Thought, Irish and Folk

We're a mother-daughter duo on a never-ending Transformation Roadtrip. As Gypsy Guides of Happiness, we bring positive, New Thought, traditional Irish, folk and even some pop music to our audiences to inspire, uplift and move you. Vocals, fiddle, mandolin, and more, we play acoustic music for concerts, pubs, weddings, parties and New Thought Sunday Services. 

Music to Entertain and Tune Your Soul

Our songs, tunes and stories will draw you in, lift you up, and help tune your soul. We draw on New Thought singer-song writers, traditional Irish dance music and ballads, American folk, and quite honestly, any music we like and think you will too! 

Gypsy Guides of Happiness

We travel full-time in an RV, and we can bring our music to you! We're living our dream and want to encourage you to live yours too. We do that through: