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How the Mind Works and Why It's So Hard to Change

Ever wonder why it can be so hard to change our habits, thoughts and feelings? Watch the video, Theory of Mind: How the Mind Works and Why It's So Hard to Change. 

Hypnosis Does Wonders.

Learn to Thrive, Rather Than Just Survive

••• Change Your Habits •••

Every Habit You Have Lives in Your Subconscious Mind. 

When You Want to Change Your Behavior,

Go for Changing Your Subconcious Mind, 

the Seat of All Automatic Behavior: 

  • Lose Weight  
  • Stop Smoking
  • Get Off Opioids
  • Eliminate Cravings
  • Stop Bad Habits
  • Control Impulsivity
  • Become Motivated
  • End Procrastination

••• Stop Suffering •••

Your Mind is the Most Powerful Curative in the World. 

Learn How Your Mind Can Help Optimize Your Health: 

  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Manage Pain 
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Stabilize Blood Sugar
  • Improve Your Immune System
  • Overcome Grief, Trauma and Depression

(A Licensed Health Provider Referral may be required.) 

••• Enjoy Life More •••

Your Mind is 

Your Key to Thriving.

When You Learn to Get Out of Your Own Way, You Can: 

  • Achieve Your Goals
  • Enhance Your Relationships
  • Succeed in Your Career
  • Find Your Purpose
  • Live with Passion and Joy

EFT, Hypnosis,  Hypnotherapy Help You Achieve Your Goals Faster. 

Overview of EFT and Hypnotherapy Services

Hypnotherapy Services

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) Sessions

Advanced techniques in EFT help to discharge negative emotions, change habits, and improve health and happiness. EFT works by tapping on acupressure points on the meridians of the body while repeating certain statements to help "rewire the brain". Tapping restores the energetic system of the body and mind, much like making sure the batteries get put back in CD player right. Learn more here. 

  • EFT Sessions take typically 60 to 90 minutes.
  • Unlike hypnosis, EFT sessions do not require reinforcement and therefore are not recorded. 
  • Medical and mental health issues may require a healthcare referral from a licensed provider; download the simple instructions and forms here
  • EFT sessions are part of Hypnotherapy in my practice, so they are covered under Health Savings Accounts like Hypnotherapy too.

Request Your EFT Session

Private Hypnotherapy Sessions for Individuals

Learn to thrive in almost any area: relationships, success, prosperity, health and happiness! You can achieve your goals with private full-length Hypnotherapy sessions. Using hypnosis, EFT and other tools that reach the subconscious mind, you can get results faster than with talk therapy alone. 

  • First session usually is 2 to 2.5 hours
  • Subsequent sessions typically are 90 minutes
  • MP3 recordings of your customized hypnosis are included for reinforcement and your personal library (with a few exceptions you'll know about in advance) 
  • Medical and mental health issues may require a healthcare referral from a licensed provider; download the simple instructions and forms here
  • Do you have a Health Savings Account? Payment from HSAs can be accepted and documented through Square because I am a vetted HSA provider. Please ask me for a Square invoice. 
  • In terms of insurance, payment through an HSA is currently the only way to cover Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is where Chiropractic was about 20-30 years ago; the insurance companies simply have not caught up yet. 

Para Servicios en español, hacer clic. 

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Private EFT Sessions and Hypnotherapy for Children

Children can benefit from Hypnotherapy too! They learn extremely fast with EFT and hypnosis and can conquer many challenges this way. 

Children's issues might be: 

  • Separation anxiety/abandonment 
  • Divorce and family blending 
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence 
  • Academic success 
  • Development for peak performance in sports and the arts 
  • General habits 
  • With a healthcare referral from a licensed provider: ADD/ADHD, trauma, abuse, neglect, and other medical or mental health conditions

For all minor children:

  • Sessions for children under age 13 are 30-60 minutes
  • Teens receive sessions similar to adults, depending on maturity and attention span 
  • Parental/Guardian Consent for all minor children is required. 
  • Medical and/or Mental Health Referral may be required.Please contact us about your child's specific goals.

For children ages 8-13:

  • EFT and Hypnotherapy sessions may take place remotely by secure video chat (depending on the child's ability to focus). When I am in your area, we can do the first session in person and determine whether remote sessions will be appropriate.

For children younger than 8-9 years old: 

  • For hypnosis, they must be able to speak in sentences. For EFT, the parent can tap with/for young children and infants.
  • EFT and Hypnotherapy sessions must take place in person. I must be in your local area long enough to complete your child's program in person, usually at the child's home. 

Contact Us About Your Child's Goals

Group EFT and/or Hypnotherapy Sessions

Google Hangouts and free teleconferencing are great ways to get a group together to reach a shared goal using Hypnosis and/or Emotional Freedom Technique. If you and your friends or colleagues have an idea of what you'd like to achieve, please make your request

Groups cover topics such as: 

Get in on a Group, or Start one

Need More Affordable Options?

If you think you can't afford our services, please check out the options we offer before you decide what's possible for you. You may be pleasantly surprised! 

Check Out More Affordable Options

Suffer Less and Enjoy Life More, All Using Your Mind

Achieve your goals and learn to thrive by working with that big brain of yours. You'll find oodles and gobs of information about getting your mind to work with you instead of against you, right here on my website. Click the button below to find out more. 

Learn How Hypnosis Does Wonders

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About Insurance Coverage for Hypnotherapy

For most people, payment through a Health Savings Account (HSA) is about the only way to cover Hypnotherapy through insurance. That's because right now Hypnotherapy is where Chiropractic was about 20-30 years ago. Most insurance companies simply have not caught on yet that it will save them (and you) money. 

Do you have a Health Savings Account? HSAs save you money because you pay for healthcare services with pre-tax dollars. Payment from HSAs can be accepted and documented through Square because I am a vetted HSA provider. Please ask me for a Square invoice. 

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