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Intuitive and Spiritual Services

Finding Your Path Isn't Always Easy


Sometimes we all need 

a little extra clarity, 

a little more insight. 

Even though we all have that connection 

to the Source within us, 

fears, doubts and confusion 

can cloud our way. 

We worry at times 

that we may misstep and fall. 

It's times like these 

when we want to seek out 

someone who is able to see 

what we ourselves 

can't see at the moment, 

or what we're not sure 

we're really seeing clearly. 

That's when we seek out someone 

not caught up in the drama, 

someone who's awake 

and aware,

someone who's more connected 

to what is beyond this material plane 

than we are 

at the present moment: 

An intuitive. A mystic. A visionary. 

Maybe even a shaman.

Your Are "This Close" to Your Answers.


What you seek is also seeking you. 

You are already at the Source, 

and the Source is within you. 

A shaman walks with 

one foot in the Spirit World 

and one foot in the material world

—and doesn't go crazy.

A shaman connects with the world beyond 

to help you in this life: 

To see and understand. 

To connect the dots.

To get clarity and find direction. 

To heal. 

To gain self-mastery 

and power over circumstance.

Even when you are not consciously seeking,

your spirit communes with the 

Unity of All That Is.

If you need a little support, 

a little more connection,

to crack open the door just a little wider,

call on us.

We are here to help you with:

Affirmative Prayer

Intuitive Counseling

Spiritual Healing

For Years People Have Come to Us.


Somehow people often feel 

that we are safe to talk with,

that we are connected to 

Something Deeper,

that we genuinely care

and serve Love as our Guide,

that we know how to 

lovingly listen,

hold sacred space, 

keep confidences,

enter the realm of the Holy,

and reflect back to you

what Spirit already whispers. 

We're here to remind you:

Your Deeper Truth is always

available and accessible.

You recognize it when you 

hear it, see it, feel it. 

And tears of recognition 

sometimes come

as a release of the struggle 

against that Knowing. 

We are familiar and comfortable with 

the tears of release and knowing.

We have shed many 

with those who seek us out. 

We are Jackie Ambrow and Xochitl Suriano, mother and daughter, intuitives, spiritual counselors, shamans and healers, here to serve you and the Highest Good of All. 

Love Offerings Gratefully Accepted. 

(See Below.) 

Your Love Offering

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Transform the World. Together We Can. 

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