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NEW Online Course: Relationships for Conscious Living

Relationships for Conscious Living

How are we supposed to lead spiritual lives when people can be such jerks? For that matter, when we can be such jerks at times! Most of us have the idea that living consciously means we should enjoy nice, harmonious relationships most of the time, right? And if they're not harmonious, then maybe there's something wrong with those people...or maybe us. 

But what if: 

  • There's nothing wrong with our relationships
  • Relationships make us more aware of what's not working in our thoughts, feelings, beliefs or behavior 
  • Relationships are here to help us grow and heal, even when we're not sure we want to 

What if relationships are less about happiness and more about transformation? 

When We Accept that All Relationships are Here to Make Us Conscious instead of Happy then Relationships will Offer Us Perfect Alignment with Consciousness. 

—Eckhart Tolle

What's missing in our relationships, the presence of which would make all the difference? That's exactly the question this online course answers. 


"It’s empowering from a soul level."—Vasanthi Vanniasingham, AP

“Attend with an open mind and heart. You will learn a lot about yourself! As a new board member at Unity, it helped me understand others on the Board. It would be beneficial if the entire board would attend...” —DB

“Enjoyed learning about [subconscious relationship behavior]. Gives me a better understanding of the dynamics in past and current relationships. This [series] provides tools that can be applied readily. Love the handouts!”—Chris

"The takeaways for me were the types of different communication styles and the subconscious relationship behaviors. For me this awareness helped to eliminate [taking] personal offense [in my relationships]. Each workshop topic [was] clearly explained…. The practical skills Ms. Ambrow expands on [are] not only for personal relationships but for any type business etc. I find these skills...also help to avoid stress and conflict that can sometimes develop.”—T. Harper

• • • • •

As you now might guess, this isn't the usual rehash of relationship skills. Bring your "beginner's mind" and find out what works in relationships, what doesn't work and why, and how to navigate the tricky bits. You'll be in for a few surprises.

In the first three workshops, we build skills and knowledge layer by layer, beginning with a firm foundation in practice and spiritual principles and what humans need for healthy relationships. Step by step, you'll learn to create more freedom both for yourself and for others. Your "shadow work" will get easier as you acquire new ways to acknowledge, heal and release what triggers you. You are more than your past hurts, griefs, traumas and resentments. You'll learn that you can transform your life and your relationships. 

The three middle workshops show you how to get to peace, stop reacting and start responding, and be seen, be heard and inspire change. You'll begin learning how and why being in your body makes you more magnetic and more effective in your life. 

In the last set of three workshops, you'll experience surprising new insights into relationship behavior through the lens of the subconscious mind. You'll dive deep into how we can:

  • Let relationships help us to align our consciousness 
  • Enhance our relationships with almost anyone in our lives
  • Create loving, spiritual partnerships that help us heal, grow and thrive

• • • • •

  • The nine audio recordings in the online course include over 18 hours of training with real participants in our live workshops. 
  • The online course includes the meditations, exercises and handouts from those workshops. 
  • This course is for anyone who wants to experience deeper, more intimate and more loving relationships. This series is perfect for spiritual communities that want to grow and thrive. 
  • This course meets the prerequisites for the Becoming a Magnetic Congregation series. 
  • If your group prefers to book live trainings, please visit our Transformation Workshops page and contact us to schedule either workshops in person or online via secure video conferencing.

Watch for how to enroll, coming soon! 

What's Included

(9 Workshops in All)

Workshops 1-3: 

Build Skills for More Conscious Relationships

  • 1. Practical Skills for Living Don Miguel Ruiz's The Four Agreements
  • 2. Communication Skills for Spiritual Living
  • 3. Ditching Negativity

Workshops 4-6: 

Become Less Reactive and More Magnetic in Your Relationships

  • 4. Practical Forgiveness
  • 5. Mastering Relaxation
  • 6. Embodiment: The Magnetic Secret to Inspiring Change

Workshops 7-9: 

Understand, Predict and Navigate Your Relationships for Greater Intimacy & Spiritual Partnership

  • 7. Subconscious Relationship Behavior Basics
  • 8. How to Build, Maintain and Repair Relationships
  • 9. Creating Spiritual Partnerships 


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