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Relationship Enhancement

Are You Ready to Have the Relationship of Your Dreams?


 The late Dr. John G. Kappas, a brilliant Hypnotherapist and Clinical Psychologist, spent 30 years working over 25,000 clients, most of whom were married. Through his hypnotherapy students, his mostly unpublished research into subconscious relationship behavior has helped thousands of people enhance their relationships. 

Learn How to Get Back to the Honeymoon Stage and Stay There


Through my training at HMI (founded by Dr. Kappas), I learned to Dr. Kappas' relationship enhancement methods. I can teach you to attract and/or create your dream relationship, The goal is to get your relationship into—or back to—the honeymoon stage and then make that honeymoon stage last indefinitely!

Who's the Client? This Work is for Both of You—Or Maybe Just You!


This work is for both individuals and couples, with most work done individually. You two have different things to learn! 

If your partner won't join you, don't worry. You can learn quite a lot about managing the relationship for greater happiness for you both.

Got More than the Usual Relationship Trouble?


If you're in a dysfunctional relationship, we will explore ways to make it healthier if possible. You'll learn ways to take better care of yourself, increase your self-esteem, improve healthy communication, reduce co-dependency, and—if you need to—leave the relationship in the healthiest way you can. 

If children are involved, consider hypnotherapy for their health and happiness. Go here and scroll down to "Private Hypnotherapy for Children". 

Get Started for Free by Watching this Video


Save yourself the cost of one whole Hypnotherapy session! 

Watch this introductory class on "Relationship Strategies: The E&P Attraction" as taught by George Kappas, Dr. Kappas' son and Director of Hypnosis Motivation Institute, to a group of hypnotherapy students. You'll be thoroughly entertained and learn a lot about how to enhance your relationship! 

What's Your Subconscious Behavior Type?


Where you watch that free video, you can take the online questionnaire to see what type of subconscious relationship behavior you are, what Dr. Kappas referred to as "Sexual Behavior Type" because he was mostly working with married couples. Be sure to write down the results for your Relationship Enhancement sessions with me! Or we can do the questionnaire during your session! 

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