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Sponsor-A-Client Program

Your support and contributions allow us to provide more services to those in need. We receive many requests from people with big hearts, big needs and small incomes who would really benefit from Hypnotherapy, EFT and BEMER sessions. 

We already work with people on a "Gliding Scale" basis and have snuck in some pro bono work too. With your help, we can say yes more often to those who cannot afford even our "Gliding Scale"!

Together we can serve more disabled veterans, low income seniors, students and struggling parents. The services you sponsor may include Hypnotherapy, EFT and/or BEMER sessions. 

Beyond Hypnotherapy and BEMER sessions, we envision a day when we can outright hire other hypnotherapists and purchase BEMER medical devices for disabled veterans and to serve more people in need. 

We are not currently registered as a Not-for-Profit. Creating that is one of our goals. If you would like to help, please contact us

Thank you for helping to 

Transform the World. 

Together We Can. 

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