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Stop Smoking (Stop Chewing) Hypnosis

What Will It Take For You to FREE YOURSELF of Tobacco?

Most people average 7-8 attempts before they quit smoking. To stop chewing can be even harder. Are you tired of trying to stop smoking by will power alone?

It's not your fault that stopping smoking is so hard. Watch a free online video here about How the Mind Works and Why It's So Hard to Change

Maybe you know someone who went to a hotel room full of people trying to stop smoking with hypnosis. Maybe half actually get hypnotized. Some of those stop smoking for good, while others light up when the next big stress hits. Usually those hotel hypnotists basically have just a weekend certificate. Their success rate might be 40-50% if they're lucky. 

In contrast, I can make it easier for you. I have 500+ hours of training, additional certifications in 10+ specialties (including Stop Smoking Hypnosis), 10 years of experience—and a success rate of 100% for those who complete the Stop Smoking Hypnosis program I recommend for them. 


When we do your free Pre-Stop Smoking (Stop Chewing) assessment, we'll find out about your smoking habit, your motivation to stop smoking, and how much stress you have in your life. 

Then I'll develop a customized Stop Smoking or Stop Chewing Hypnosis program just for you! Most people need from 1-6 sessions to become a Permanent Ex-Smoker or Ex-Chewer. 

Consider it an investment in your future health, prosperity and happiness! Your loved ones will thank you! 


I don't do hotel rooms for Stop Smoking or Stop Chewing Hypnosis, but I will occasionally do small groups with the right preparation to maximize each person's success. 

Gather a few friends together who want to stop smoking and we'll create a program for you all. Small groups only—3 to 5 people. Groups do their sessions remotely through Zoom video chat or sometimes in person when I am in your local area. 

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Downloads for Stop Smoking Hypnosis

When you're thinking about quitting smoking, why not print out these reminders to help you get motivated? 

Chemicals in Tobacco and the Benefits When You Stop Smoking (pdf)


Smoking causes gene damage in minutes - Yahoo! News (pdf)