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Transformational Workshops

Workshops Designed for Personal and Social Transformation

Conscious transformation requires both knowledge and practical skills. Our workshop offerings are designed to give you both.

Begin with Practical Skills for Living Don Miguel Ruiz's The Four Agreements and watch how you and your community begin to transform your world together!

Spiritual Living Mastery Series, Workshops 1-6


1. Practical Skills for Living Don Miguel Ruiz's "The Four Agreements"

Don Miguel Ruiz's book The Four Agreements has become hugely popular in many New Thought and progressive circles, but somehow he neglected detailing the practical skills we need to live by these agreements. 

In this workshop, we use The Four Agreements as a starting point to find out which of those agreements give the participants the most trouble. Then we get to work on practical solutions!

Whether you need to work on communication, forgiveness, "boundaries," old negative thinking, or something else, we'll give you specific strategies  based on spiritual principle and science for practicing The Four Agreements in your life and in your relationships. 

This is the perfect two-hour workshop for groups that just can't pick which of our workshops would be best for them! You'll get a taste of what it's like to work with us so you and your organization or congregation can build a healthier community. 

2. Communication Skills for Spiritual Living

This two-hour workshop gives you practical skills to help you become a more effective and loving communicator while standing in your truth. Here's what we cover, followed by application and practice: 

  • Virginia Sartre's Five Freedoms
  • Anti-communicators 
  • Two models for solving problems and creating change when there's a conflict
  • Forgiveness, what it means and how to do it

This workshop is for anyone who wants more peaceful, truthful and fulfilling relationships. It also creates a firm foundation for organizational growth and healing. 

3. Ditch Negativity

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a loop of negative thoughts? Where do negative thoughts come from, why do they always seem to come at the worst times, and what can we do about them? 

Get answers to those questions in this two-hour workshop. Learn how and why the mind uses negative thoughts to try to protect you and what you can do about it. 

We'll look at Theory of Mind, the mind's role in protecting you, the importance of relaxation, and specific, practical techniques for replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. 

We'll also touch on how to deal with negative people. Learn to be the "positive change agent" and get people to attune to your positivity. Hint: it's all about energy! 

4. Practical Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the least understood concepts in Western culture. Understanding what forgiveness is and how to do it are vital to living a spiritual, peaceful life. 

In this two-hour workshop, we cover: 

  • What forgiveness is and what it isn't 
  • Essential elements for forgiveness, whether you're asking for it or receiving it
  • Specific practices for reaching a state of forgiveness including those developed by Rev. John Strickland, Rev. Phylis Sparks and others
  • Using mindfulness, meditation, EFT and hypnosis to let go of regret, anger and resentment 

This practical skills workshop is also perfect for community growth and healing. 

5. Mastering Relaxation

How often do we find ourselves "triggered" into reacting to a situation or person instead of responding the way we'd like? How many times in the midst of challenge have we struggled to go into meditation or prayer, or felt that we could not quiet our minds enough to hear Spirit's guidance? Mastering Relaxation makes both "real life" and spiritual practices such as mindfulness, affirmative prayer and meditation much easier! 

What if you could stop new anxieties from forming and "toggle" out of stress and anxiety into relaxation anytime, anyplace, at will? This three-hour workshop not only teaches you how but makes the process easier with group hypnosis and an MP3 hypnosis recording download file included for reinforcement. 

Imagine being able to quiet the mind enough to shift into the I AM Presence in the face of any challenge. The spiritual benefits of Mastering Relaxation are right up there with the benefits for our health! 

  • Part one covers the physiology of stress and relaxation, how new anxieties form, and how to prevent them from forming through proper diet to stabilize the blood sugar. 
  • In part two, we learn how to toggle out of stress and anxiety into relaxation at any time, anywhere and at will. I also touch on positive psychology, the quantum flow and the new neuroscience. 

Participants will come away with all the tools they need to master relaxation and a better understanding of how spiritual principles are supported by science. 

This three hour class includes live group hypnosis with download links to an MP3 hypnosis recording for reinforcement at home. Alternatively, the course can be offered as two sessions, one week apart when we're in the local area. 

6. Embodiment: The Secret to Inspiring Change

Many of us long to inspire change for the better in this world. Even though we know we have something important to contribute, oftentimes we can feel like we're not being seen, being heard or inspiring change. 

This workshop is about learning to be fully present in our bodies, managing our energy field, and using our voice and presence to be seen, be heard and inspire change. 

Together, we'll demonstrate and practice techniques for getting back into our bodies, extending and containing our energy field, using our voices and using vulnerability to become more courageous and confident. We'll practice being a conscious embodiment of the I Am Presence. 

We'll discover through this process that being fully embodied gives us power we never knew we had—to be seen, be heard and inspire change.

Spiritual Living Mastery Series, Workshops 7-9

Workshops 7-9. Relationships Skills and Spiritual Partnerships

Healthy relationships play a huge role in our lives and happiness. We can learn to create more satisfying, loving and productive relationships by gaining a few new insights and skills. 


These three workshops will help you: 

  • Understand people and relationships better
  • Build, maintain and repair relationships so they stay healthier and feeling good indefinitely 
  • Create deep, safe, spiritually nourishing relationships

Part I: Subconscious Relationship Behavior Basics (Workshop 7)

  • Why opposites attract and how that benefits us
  • How we pick people we think are like us and then they seem so opposite to us later
  • How the way we deal with feelings can create issues
  • Why other people's priorities seem opposite to ours
  • Why we often don't "get" each other's communication
  • How to understand and predict behavior more accurately
  • Relationship stages: "honeymoon", plateau, trauma

Part II: Build, Maintain and Repair Relationships (Workshop 8)

  • The role of agreements in relationships
  • How to create space for safe emotional processing
  • What to do when strong feelings come up
  • What to do about feeling taken for granted or hurt
  • How to rebuild a damaged relationship
  • How to communicate so that the other person will "get" it
  • How to nurture relationships so others will receive it
  • How to work on ourselves to be better at relationships

Part II: Creating Spiritual Partnerships (Workshop 9)

  • What is spiritual partnership
  • Benefits of spiritual partnership
  • Who can be your spiritual partner(s) 
  • How to consciously engage in spiritual partnership
  • How to give and receive in spiritual partnership
  • How to hold space for yourself and others in spiritual partnership
  • How to use curiosity and observation as a loving witness
  • How to continue the work of noticing, healing and releasing that which comes up for release in spiritual partnership
  • The roles of meditation, prayer and personal development in spiritual partnership 

Please let us know your time frame. This series works best as a seminar series or as the basis for a retreat (day-long or weekend-long). Workshops 1-6 are prerequisites for Workshops 7-9. 

For an introduction of Dr. Kappas' research on subconscious relationship behavior, watch a free introductory video class by Hypnosis Motivation Institute.  


Transforming Ourselves Workshop

"Emerging as a Generous, Well Being": Ancestral Medicine, EFT and Healing Limiting Beliefs

In a human world in turmoil, we can identify two core limiting beliefs that sit at the root of many of our challenges:  low self-worth and a lack mentality. These two false beliefs can block our prosperity and the full expression of our divine identity—and cause a whole host of other ills and dysfunction. These beliefs often go back many generations and get passed down to future ones as well. 

What if it were possible to finally heal these old, entrenched beliefs for all time, in all generations—past and future? What if we can claim not just prosperity and abundance but give ourselves permission to become the very Spirit of Generosity? 

Jackie and Xochitl pull together New Thought principles, shadow work, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping), embodiment of the I AM Presence, energy and identity healing, meditation and affirmative prayer to put laser focus on releasing these age-old beliefs. We can become aware of our place in the long lineage of our ancestors as expressions of the divine, at last both Generous and Well within our very Being. 

Choose from a three-hour introduction or a full-day workshop for a deeper experience. The full day workshop is six hours with a break for lunch and informal discussion. 


Transforming Community Workshop


Becoming a Magnetic Community

Organizations of all kinds are having trouble attracting and retaining new and younger members. We see this problem in churches and many of our favorite social, charitable and youth organizations. 

It's time to reinvent our organizations. It's time to expand beyond traditional ways of doing and being. For churches, that means growing beyond a building and a Sunday service. It means learning how to connect with people where they are, where they live and with what they value today. 

As a social scientist, I'm on a mission to create the conditions that will attract and retain new members so that organizations can grow and thrive. To that end, Xochitl and I have been developing answers to our favorite guiding question: What's missing, the presence of which would make all the difference? 

During our travels, we've been on a treasure hunt for what works. What we have found is that there are both tangibles and intangibles that mark the organizations that thrive. Those that do have certain characteristics in what they do and how they are being in the world. It takes healthy individuals with great relationship skills plus a culture of shared values, openness and creativity to thrive. 

This workshop is all about identifying what's up and what's not with your organization, courageously getting ready for change, and creating a realistic plan to implement what it takes to become a magnetic organization. 

We anticipate that this introductory workshop will become the first in a series that develops organizations for the purpose of thriving in the long term. Specific skill sets and attitudes must be mastered right along with creating the kind of culture that makes thriving together possible.   

Why not join us? 

We're developing this series with a small number of New Thought congregations, starting this summer. If your group or congregation is ready to explore what's possible, reinvent, grow and thrive, please get in touch with us. All it takes is a few visionary individuals to spark real (r)evolution! 

PREREQUISITES: The Spiritual Living Mastery Series, Workshops 1-9 (above), or the Relationships for Conscious Living online course

Dreams, Prayer, Prosperity and Mental Bank Workshops


Dream Interpretation: No Dictionary Needed

A Practical Workshop for Understanding the Subconscious Mind

Dreams are the language of the subconscious mind and one of the avenues for Spirit Within to communicate with us. Learning how to interpret them can give us mental, emotional and spiritual insights into our lives. 

This method is one that anyone can learn and requires no "dream dictionary" other than your own understanding of what your mind's symbols mean to you. The class includes Theory of Mind, the three stages of dreaming, and a dream interpretation method that includes understanding both literal and symbolic content. 

Participants are are encouraged to bring a dream for interpretation by the group during the workshop. 

Young adults especially love this class, and so does anyone who dreams (that's everyone!). This class is for anyone who wants to remember and understand their dreams better. This material comes from my training in Dream Therapy, a part of my hypnotherapy practice. 

Claiming Our Divine Identity with Affirmative Prayer

A Practical Prayer Workshop for Living Our Truth

What happens when we actually claim our Divine Identity? How do we pray when God is not outside us looking in but rather an integral part of who we are? 

Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett has given us some answers in her book, How to Pray Without Talking to God. This experiential prayer workshop utilizes material from her book to guide you in learning to pray from your Divine Identity. 

Join us as we dive deep into who you really are: Divine Life, Divine Wholeness, Divine Love and Divine Abundance! Bring a friend and a pen; a study guide is provided (and available in advance upon request). 

Both of us are licensed Prayer Chaplains. Jackie (that's me) is a Prayer Chaplain Trainer and former Prayer Chaplain Coordinator at Unity of Columbia, Missouri. 

Spiritual and Practical Prosperity

A Practical Skills Workshop for Living Our Truth

We begin with Unity Minister Rev. Kristin Powell's Five Pillars of Prosperity and follow it with financial expert Janine Bolon's book, Money: It's Not Just for Rich People

Janine writes from the perspective of universal laws about wealth and prosperity that are in alignment with New Thought and Unity teachings. Emmanuel Dagher, Panache Desai and others are introduced from various sources, such as Healing with the Masters, The Aware Show, and 

This group class can be conducted online for several weeks. I first introduced this study group on Janine Bolon's book at Unity of Columbia, Missouri in 2012.

The Mental Bank Program: Deliberately Create Success, Prosperity and Happiness in 5 Minutes a Day

A Practical Skills Workshop for Living Our Truth

Many people now get that our thoughts create our reality but don't know easy, practical ways to reshape their thinking to create what they actually want. We know that daily practices of meditation, prayer and visualization can help. We may use affirmations for receiving our good. The Mental Bank can make the process much easier! 

This two-hour workshop is based on the research of Dr. John G. Kappas, clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist. Subconscious behavior can be reprogrammed with simple strategies designed to reduce resistance and stretch one's "comfort zone" so we can claim and receive more prosperity, success and happiness. Reprogramming the subconscious mind for small, daily, incremental changes is a wonderful key to success.  

Most people at first glance may miss how much the Mental Bank can help them. Consider this: once you set up your Mental Bank program, it takes only 5 minutes each night, but it yields huge results over time. Check it out for yourself by watching the free video by Hypnosis Motivation Institute. Click the button below. 

Drum-Making and Shamanic Practice Workshops

That's me, Jackie, with a custom drum I made for a friend to give to her spouse.

For over 30 years I have been a Carrier of the Sacred Pipe and a shamanic practitioner. 

As an anthropologist, I use my studies of spiritual practices from around the world to assist the awakening of Divine Love in every heart. In my hypnotherapy practice, I use shamanic principles as another tool for helping my clients achieve their goals. 

I offer these drum-making and shamanic workshops to pass on these spiritual traditions to the next generation of seekers who want to explore this rich spiritual inheritance. 

Each full-day workshop includes time for a potluck lunch. Sharing a meal allows for more informal discussions and community-building. 

Drum-Making Workshop for Spiritual Seekers

This workshop series is a great way to start or continue a drumming circle in your local community.  For tens of thousands of years, drums have connected humanity to the Universal Heartbeat and All-That-Is. We explore the Sacred by using our hands, minds and hearts to build our own drums and celebrate the Rhythm of the One. 

Building a drum in this workshop series is a spiritual, intentional process. We use ceremony, affirmative prayer, meditation, chants and songs. Participants are guided through an intentional, ceremonial process to build and "awaken" their own drums. 

The result of this workshop is not just a physical drum but rather a ceremonial companion worthy of our spiritual journeys, prayers and celebrations. 

The process takes two separate sessions, one to two weeks apart. Between four and six hours per session is needed, depending on the number of participants and the spiritual flow of our work together. Time for a potluck lunch, sharing, and community building is included. 

At the end of the first day, everyone has their own drum ready to dry before the next step. Since the new drums must dry slowly and completely before decorating or playing, the second session follows one to two weeks later. (In very humid weather, two weeks' drying time may be advised.)

On our second gathering day, we decorate our drums and mallets and then hold a prayerful and powerful ceremony of Awakening the Drum. Together we re-connect with the ancient tradition of drumming for spiritual nourishment and celebration. 

We use traditional frame drum and mallet kits that are respectfully harvested from sustainable, natural resources. Pre-registration is required with payment for the drum kits at least two weeks in advance of the first day of the workshop so that the kits arrive in time.. 

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

For the more adventurous spiritual seeker, this experiential class introduces the basics and universals of shamanism. Based on the research of anthropologist Michael Harner and my own shamanic practice, the class starts with discussion of how shamanism appears all over the world as people connect with Spirit, then moves to describing the three basic tasks of shamanic practice. 

We then discuss the universal elements of a shamanic journey and how we can create a great journey with just a drum—what many Native Americans call the Spirit Canoe. 

After an explanation of the basic journey, we settle in for the first journey. One person rapidly, evenly beats a drum, and each participant gets comfortable for their first journey while the body rests. Once the journeyers are called back by a signal in the beat of the drum, the journey ends and each participant has an opportunity to share their experience. 

We typically do several journeys with time in between for sharing and journaling the experience. 

By the end of the workshop, people often feel more confident about using shamanic journeying in their spiritual practice. 

Participants can bring their own drum, or not. Only one drummer is needed at a time, and simple frame drums such as the ones made in the Drum-making for Spiritual Seekers Workshop seem to work best. 

A shorter, two-hour version of this workshop is also available. In the two-hour version, typically there is time for only one journey and discussion. However, participants come away with the basic tools for shamanic journeying and access to a recording with instructions and drumming to do a journey on their own.

Advanced Shamanic Practice I: Shamanic Extractions

This workshop teaches the basics of the practice of Shamanic Extraction, that is, the removal of energetic interferences from a person's body and energetic field. Often the client has suffered from not feeling well in some way, and the removal of energetic intrusions can help the person feel more balanced, well and at peace. 

Practice with Shamanic Journeying and the Shamanic Journeying Workshop or a similar workshop are prerequisites. 

Advanced Shamanic Practice II: Shamanic Soul Retrieval

When we suffer a trauma, grief or loss, or a radical or unexpected change, sometimes we can feel unwell, out of sorts, unbalanced or otherwise not ourselves. Shamans have found that sometimes we lose "a part of ourselves" at the time of the event. Afterwards, we can go through life for years feeling that something is amiss or that we are missing a piece of ourselves. 

Soul Retrieval is a technique for recovering the missing parts of ourselves and others, often a younger version of us at the age the event happened. When we retrieve that part of us, we often get our sense of joy and wholeness back! 

In New Thought we know that we are always Complete, Whole and Perfect, but we don't always stay in the experience of it. Soul Retrieval can help us regain that experience and connection with that Truth. 

Experience with Shamanic Journeying and the Advanced Shamanic Practice I: Shamanic Extractions workshop are prerequisites. 

Which of These Offerings Resonate with You?

If you feel prompted to offer any of workshops to your congregation or group, please contact me for more information. Xochitl and I would love to share them with you and yours! 

About Our Transformational Workshops

Our workshops are about New Thought, Law of Attraction, Mind Action, being Deliberate Creators.

New Thought

Our workshops and classes are especially suited to New Thought and visionary audiences: Unity, Centers for Spiritual Living and other progressive, metaphysically-minded, heart-centered audiences. 

Transformation, the Shift, the Ascension, Evolution of Consciousness. Become your full potential.

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Participants report feeling more empowered, more spiritually aware, and more aligned with what is theirs to do. We provide practical tools and insights as well as the spiritual grounding for their use in everyday life. 


Fitted to Your Available Time

Most workshops can be offered either online through Zoom or in person and last 2-3 hours or six hours. If you prefer a short talk rather than a workshop, brief versions of most topics are also available.