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Free Initial Consultation by Phone

Try a Hypnotherapy Session by Phone at No Charge!

YES, It's True! I offer a Free Initial Consultation by phone

Maybe you're skeptical about how hypnotherapy can work remotely, or if hypnotherapy can work for you at all. If so, this free consultation is for you! 

Your complementary initial consultation can include: 

  • Discussion of your goals
  • Finding out how hypnotherapy and EFT can help 
  • Suggestibility testing to see what type you are
  • Actual hypnosis to see what it's like 

In this free session, you'll receive hypnotic suggestions for general well-being. 

Now here's the fine print:

  • For the full Free Initial Consultation with Suggestibility Testing followed by Hypnosis, please book your session in advance. 
  • No appointment is necessary to only discuss your goals and how Hypnotherapy might help. 
  • Some intake paperwork is required in advance of your free session. 
  • There are very few contra-indications for hypnosis. If you have a condition that makes hypnosis unethical for you, or if you simply prefer, we can do Emotional Freedom Technique instead, which does not require the hypnotic state. 
  • Please keep in mind that No Shows and Cancellations with less than 48 Hours Notice for your Free Initial Consultation will not be rescheduled. 
  • All Free Initial Consultations take place by phone, not video chat. 
  • If you change your mind during your complimentary session and want to begin work on your issue immediately, you can convert to a paid session and begin! We just pause long enough for you to make your payment online and then continue with the session. 

Ready to schedule? Call me at 352-580-7444 today. 

You can begin your Intake to receive your Free Initial Consultation here. 

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