Additional Resources We Personally Recommend

For Powerful and Empowering Transformation:

Rachael Jayne Groover and Groover Seminars

Rachael Jayne Groover of Groover Seminars at GrooverSeminars.com

Xochitl and I have both learned a lot about presence from Rachael Jayne Groover's program, the Art of Feminine Presence Online. No matter what we're doing, being in our feminine presence can help us be seen, be heard and inspire change! We highly recommend the AFPO, Rachael Jayne's new book, Divine Breadcrumbs, and all her programs. If you want to make a difference in your world, your presence must come before any strategy or technique. She shows you how and gives specific, simple practices to help you. Excellent!

Rachael Jayne is all about accelerating spiritual awareness and raising global consciousness, and all programs, online education and events reflect that. Her husband Datta Groover works with her and together they bring practical solutions and insights into how we can all make a greater impact on the world. 

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Emmanuel Dagher

We've personally participated in some of Emmanuel's healing work online and are now studying his amazing Easy Breezy Prosperity course! We highly recommend his powerful yet gentle healing work. 

Here's a little more background on Emmanuel: "Over the past decade, Emmanuel Dagher has become widely recognized as a spiritual teacher, healer, and bestselling author who truly embodies what it means to live from the heart. Emmanuel has quickly gained recognition on the world stage for his unique healing gifts, wisdom, and humanitarian efforts on behalf of refugee women and children. This journey has lead him to a number of prestigious opportunities, including being a speaker and facilitator for a 2016 global healing event at the United Nations. He has presented at the United Nations, the World Congress on Illumination, and at international consulates all over the world, as well as other national and international summits that promote peace and healing. These have included major conferences such as Celebrate Your Life and The Conscious Life Expo, among many other mind/body/spirit events."

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Jennifer McClean and McClean Masterworks

We've enjoyed many of the free and excellent programs Jennifer has offered, including such prestigious guests as Dr. Jean Houston and Emmanuel Dagher. She is a talented healer and the developer of The Spontaneous Transformation Technique. Get to know her! You'll be glad you did. 


"As a conduit and amplifier, I acknowledge and share my and others’ sacred messages, journeys and visions on a large scale to encourage and empower shifts in perception for increased global consciousness. In service, I commit to my own growth and the growth of those I interact with, nurturing our unique human potential and creating forgiveness, release, abundance, and joy along the way. What others see as obstacles I see as opportunities. I share my light without hesitation, shining the light of “the art of life mastery” to all."

McLean MasterWorks' Corporate Mission:

"In service, McLean MasterWorks is a conduit and ampli er for encouraging and empowering transformational shifts in perception, increasing global consciousness and igniting the inner light of all, creating peace on the planet."

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For Insightful Guidance on the "Cosmic Agenda":

STAR Pathways with Elizabeth Jones

Elizabeth Jones with Star Pathways.

Elizabeth Jones is simply one of the most talented and insightful astrologists we have ever encountered. She first studied with her paternal grandfather, Ralph Jones, who had studied metaphysics, theosophy and astrology since the 1920's. Elizabeth is grounded in both mystical Christianity and Buddhism. She brings a rare and compassionate insight into events both personal and planetary. 

We personally subscribe to her wonderful analyses on AstroCurrents Monthly. To learn more about Elizabeth and Star Pathways, click on her photo above. To try out her AstroCurrents Monthly subscription, click the button below. 

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