Weight Loss Hypnosis Programs*

Begin with the 8 Core Sessions and Start Losing Weight

Do you eat when you're not really hungry? Feel tired in the afternoons? Get frustrated with yourself for not sticking with your diet? Feel terrible when you lose weight, only to gain it back and then some?

The American Hypnosis Association Weight Loss Hypnosis Program begins with 8 Core Sessions that focus on helping you lose weight and happily maintain it—for life. 

Using this same program, I personally have lost over 100 pounds since 2010, kept it off and am on track to lose even more. If my clients and I can do it, so can you!

This program works by putting you on "auto-pilot" for healthy self-care and by eliminating the causes of emotional eating. 

You too can get off the "yo-yo" diet! When you learn to love yourself and care for yourself, you can lose the weight and keep it off for good!

This program comes from the American Hypnosis Association's Weight Loss Hypnosis specialty certification program. It has been tested with hundreds of clients just like you. 

Get tools that work! Learn to love yourself and your life again! Or maybe for the first time. 

I offer two programs to help you get started. Read about them below. 

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* A Healthcare Referral may be required. Find the simple Healthcare Referral Instructions and Forms PDF file to download here. You'll need to turn in your licensed provider's reply to me by the SECOND session. 

Options for Starting Weight Loss Hypnosis

Private, Customized Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Start with the 8 Core Sessions for Weight Loss Hypnosis and then continue with private sessions to work on your specific blocks to weight loss, health and happiness until you reach your goal weight! By then you will be able to happily maintain it and be prepared to live the life of your dreams. 

Totally customized to you, you'll receive recordings of the hypnosis we personalize to you in each session for reinforcement and for your own personal hypnosis recordings library.

Affordable Weight Loss Hypnosis 8 Week Program

Save a $1,000+! This is the same 8 Core Sessions of the Weight Loss Hypnosis Program used in customized sessions. You get all the same cognitive learning, handouts, and activities for reinforcement as the pricier program, plus each week you'll also receive: 

  • Pre-recorded hypnosis MP3s, and
  • Personalized coaching calls with Jackie to keep you on track, solve any roadblocks to your success, and discuss your experiences. 

You can then follow up the Affordable program with private hypnotherapy sessions until you reach your goal weight, or gather a group and do it together remotely online!

Group Weight Loss Hypnosis Program

Don't want to do this alone? Invite your friends and family to form a Weight Loss Hypnosis group class! We'll do the 8 Core Sessions together.

We schedule meetings through Zoom online, a free, secure and encrypted video conference site. Anywhere you have some privacy and a data connection to support video, you can participate in the class online. 

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