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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping)

What is EFT*? How is It Different from Hypnosis?

Whenever we feel "stuck" in a feeling, thought or habit, that's a great time to use Emotional Freedom Technique! EFT affects the energetic system of the body and mind to reprogram old thoughts, feelings and behaviors that no longer serve us. 

EFT uses a combination of tapping on the body's energy centers, called meridians in Chinese medicine, while saying statements that release old patterns of thinking and feeling. 

What EFT does is discharge negative emotions and thoughts that are stored in the body's energy system. EFT is a holistic, alternative approach to dealing with a wide variety of behavioral, emotional and even physical issues. 

EFT is particularly good at releasing old trauma, grief, loss, anger and resentment. 

* I'm an AHA Certified Specialist in Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique.


EFT is both a great alternative and addition to hypnosis in Hypnotherapy. Like hypnosis, EFT reaches the subconscious mind. In addition, EFT "rewires" the neural pathways and directly affects the energetic system of the body and mind. 

You do not need to be in the hypnotic state to do EFT, so EFT is perfect for those who do not want to go into hypnosis and also those who for ethical reasons should not be hypnotized. Hypnosis works through reinforcement by listening to the recordings of your sessions until the new thoughts, feelings and behaviors have been acquired. In a similar way, EFT offers a permanent change for the issue but without the need to listen to recordings. 

Like hypnosis, several sessions of EFT may be needed to fully address an issue, but once a few aspects of the problem have been released, the others usually soon follow. Oftentimes, once a group of aspects are released with EFT, the others dissipate on their own. 

EFT is a great choice for those who want to feel, think and behave in healthier, more successful ways quickly and easily. EFT can be used alone or along with hypnosis in Hypnotherapy. 

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