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Our Mission is Transformation

Maybe you've already noticed: we're undergoing a great evolution of human consciousness. The world is in upheaval and it seems like the Universe has brought out all the "two-by-fours" to wake us up! Many of us are experiencing overwhelm, exhaustion, disorientation and disillusionment at the sheer amount of chaos as our old systems start to crumble under the weight of their dysfunction.

At the same time, new paths are opening to us for taking more responsibility for our own well-being and happiness. Science and spirituality are coming together in new ways that can help us create a better world for everyone. In our heart of hearts, we know we are meant to thrive and make the world a better place. 

My daughter Xochitl and I are doing our bit with our own time, talent and treasure to help move this great awakening along. We're putting in everything we can offer—even the RV's kitchen sink sometimes! Our goal is to help everyone we meet grow in health and happiness. We provide Hypnotherapy, Music, Workshops, Video Production, Professional Organizing, and Sunday Services for New Thought churches. Most recently we have begun to offer an FDA Class I Medical Device that helps people obtain optimal health. We're serious about helping people become healthier and happier! 

We let our good inner promptings guide us into service wherever we are, and that has led us to some surprising and interesting places. When we follow that inner guidance, we're always in the right place at the right time doing exactly what we are called here to do. 

We Do It All from the Road

We're mother and daughter Gypsy Gals on a Mission of Happiness! As we free ourselves to express joy and creativity, we help others feel free to do the same. Following our good inner promptings brings us joy and purpose. 

In November of 2015, we hit the open road as full-time travelers with our one-ton diesel pickup and our trusty fifthwheel RV trailer. We work from the road and meet many new friends on the way! What started in part as a way to meet up with old friends across the nation has become an interweaving of communities of old friends and new. 

Can't hit the road full-time yourself right now? That's okay because you can join us one way or another—even meet up with us remotely!

Here's what we know: 

Every one of us makes a difference, every heart has a wonderful, unique light, and when we let our lights shine, we help transform the world. You too can thrive. You too can love your life. You too can transform the world—just by being fully YOU!

Get to Know Us

Let us know when you're ready to transform your life or add some happiness and creativity to what you're already doing. We're up for all kinds of adventures:

  • The best hypnosis you'll find through Remote Hypnosis Hypnotherapy, including Weight Loss Hypnosis and other Advanced Hypnotherapy Services
  • Promoting Health and Happiness in multiple ways, now including an FDA Class I Medical Device from a company partnered with NASA to put this technology in astronauts' spacesuits! For real. 
  • Professional Organizing Advice Remotely and Expert Help in Person—when we're in the area
  • Posi/New Thought/Traditional Irish and Folk Music—we are the Gypsy Gals!
  • Videography for your event or business
  • Workshops on a wide variety of transformational topics
  • Assistance with Writing, Editing, Document Translation and Layout
  • Sunday Services with Music, Message, Meditation and Affirmative Prayer for New Thought and progressive spiritual congregations 

Take a look at what we offer and see what calls to you. We're just a phone call or online submittal form away! Contact us today!


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Where are the Gypsy Gals?

Xochitl and I will post our travel itinerary here as far as we know it. Please understand that the nature of RV travel (and family obligations) make this type of calendar an approximation at best. Always check with us by phone, text message, Facebook or email to confirm our whereabouts before making plans to meet us. The list here may not be in chronological order because plans sometimes change faster than the website editor can keep up!

Florissant, Missouri (St. Louis) – August 19-25, 2017

visiting family and friends in the St. Louis area--and offering BEMER treatments to those who want to try them!

Columbia, Missouri – late August or early September 2017

We return to Columbia, Missouri to visit friends and take care of business items. We can't wait to see friends and make good on the promise of delivering BEMER treatments to everyone who has made the request. (There's still time to make yours!) As always, I am available for hypnotherapy too. 

Wichita, KS BEMER Academy – August 11-12, 2017

What a great experience we had in Wichita for our first two-day BEMER Academy! We're now much better prepared to help make the world a healthier and happier place. What's more, we're ready to help others do the same. Especially if you're a healthcare provider, you're really going to want to do your research on BEMER on www.pubmed.gov

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Drop us a line! We're here to support you. Usted puede comunicarse con nosotras también en español sin problema.

Want to meet us in person?

Since we travel full-time, please watch our Facebook fanpages for itinerary updates. Please contact us if you want specific information on our availability. You can also send us snail mail at the address below. Mail forwarding through the postal service is really, really slow, so we advise you to use online, telephone or texting methods unless you have no other option. 

Transformation Roadtrip LLC

Mail Forwarding Address: 187 Rainbow Drive #8790, Livingston, TX 77399

(888) 315-1883