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Thrive. Love Life. Transform the World. Together We Can.

Thrive. Love Life. Transform the World. Together We Can.Thrive. Love Life. Transform the World. Together We Can.

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Spirit, Mind, Body:

EFT, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy 

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Gypsy Gals Music 

Thrive. Love Life. Transform the World. Together We Can.

Joy Gypsies. We're Here to Help You Transform Your World.


About Our Transformation Roadtrip


We Boldly Go

Bumps. We've Had a Few.

Bumps. We've Had a Few.

We're a mother-daughter duo, 

living our dream. NOW. 

BEFORE everything is perfect. 

"No Waiting on Aisle 5." 

When the Great Recession hit, we struggled to hold onto my small business, the house, the vehicles, the modest lifestyle we had achieved 

while I raised my daughter alone. 

When no bailout came for small business, we radically shifted gears. 

Like Neale Donald Walsch wrote, 

"When Everything Changes, 

Change Everything." 

So We Did. 

We decided to go boldly in the direction of our dreams:

Travel together full time in an RV.

Work together to make the world a better place. 

Make music. 

Empower people—and ourselves.

Help people create more Love, Health and Happiness.

Fly Without a Net.

On a Wing and a Prayer. 

Funny thing is, almost a decade later, 



Bumps. We've Had a Few.

Bumps. We've Had a Few.

Bumps. We've Had a Few.

Financial. Mechanical. Health. Aging parents. Severely disabled sibling, 

abused and neglected, needing help. 

Mom passing. Dad grieving. 

And other challenges. 

Life continues to happen 

even when you're living your dream. 

Live Your Dream Anyway. 

Poet Robert Frost said,  

“Freedom lies in being bold.” 

If We Can Do It, So Can You. 

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it."

 —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 


We've been 


through it all.

We're not living our dream alone.

Despite challenges, resources, people and opportunities keep showing up. 

"We're in the flow!

We may not know, 

but God knows!"

—Rev. Lei Lanni Burt, Light and Love Ministries


We Are the Light

Bumps. We've Had a Few.

We Are the Light


We are all meant to Shine. 

To Thrive. To Love Life.

To Make the World a Better Place.

We know that


We know from personal experience.

No matter what is happening 

in your life, 

You Too Can Live Your Dream. 

Let us help you get there! 

We love to learn and share, 

and we find joy in service. 

We offer Holistic Services and Music for Your Awakening in Mind, Body 

and Spirit:

Let us know how we may help you 

live your dream too. 

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