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About Our Transformation Roadtrip

We Boldly Go

We're a mother-daughter duo.

And we're living our dream. 


BEFORE everything is perfect. 

No Waiting on Aisle 5. 

When the Great Recession hit, we struggled to hold onto my small business, the house, the vehicles, the modest lifestyle we had achieved 

while I raised my daughter alone. 

When no bailout came for small business, 

we radically shifted gears. 

Like Neale Donald Walsch wrote, 

"When Everything Changes, 

Change Everything." 

So We Did. 

We decided to go 

boldly in the direction of our dreams:

Travel together full time in an RV.

Work together to make the world a better place. 

Make music. 

Empower people—and ourselves.

Help people create more Love, Health and Happiness.

Fly Without a Net.

On a Wing and a Prayer. 

Funny thing is, 

8 years later, 


The road has not been smooth. 

There have been challenges.

Bumps. We've Had 'Em.

Financial. Mechanical. 

Health. Aging parents. 

Severely disabled sibling, 

abused and neglected and 

needing help to move. 

Mom passing. 

Helping Dad grieve and move.

And other challenges. 

Life continues to happen 

even when you're living your dream. 

Live Your Dream Anyway. 

Poet Robert Frost said,  

“Freedom lies in being bold.” 

If We Can Do It, So Can You. 

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.

Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it."

 —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 


We've been 


through it all.

We're not living our dream alone.

Resources, people and opportunities keep showing up, even when we occasionally feel like giving up. 

It's not always been easy, but: 

"We're in the flow!

We may not know, 

but God knows!"

—Rev. Lei Lanni Burt, Light and Love Ministries

We Are the Light


We are all meant to Shine. 

To Thrive. To Love Life.

To Make the World a Better Place.

We know that


We know from personal experience.

No matter what is happening 

in your life, 

You Too Can Live Your Dream. 

Let us help you get there! 

We love to learn and share, 

and we find joy in service. 

We offer Holistic Tools and Music for 

Mind, Body and Spirit:

Let us know how we may help you 

live your dream too. 

(The Universe loves speed.)


Where are the Gypsy Gals?

Hypnosis Hypnotherapy

Xochitl and I will post our travel itinerary here as far as we know it. Please understand that the nature of RV travel (and family obligations) make this type of calendar an approximation at best. Always check with us by phone, text message, Facebook or email to confirm our whereabouts before making plans to meet us. The list here may not be in chronological order because plans sometimes change faster than the website editor can keep up!

We Are Back in Central Florida

We're kind of bouncing back and forth a bit between a couple of our favorite Unity centers in Gainesville and Tavares, Florida. We'll also hop over to Cocoa in December. Here's what's scheduled so far:

  • October 28 Sunday Service and  Workshop at Unity Tavares, FL. The talk for the service is on "What to Do When You're an Empathic Vessel of Spirit", and the workshop is "Mastering Relaxation for Empaths, Healers and Spiritual Seekers".
  • November 3 and 10 at Unity of Gainesville, Florida: Drum-Making for Spiritual Seekers Workshop (Please contact Rev. Eleanor Bentley for details.) Late registrations are still being accepted! Contact Us 
  • November 4 at 12:45 PM at Unity of Gainesville: The Gypsy Gals in Concert! (That's us!)
  • November 17-18 and December 2: Unity Tavares, FL
  • December 9 at the New Way POD, Cocoa, FL for a Sunday Service and afternoon Workshop

We'll add more as our calendar fills. 

As always, if you are in the local area and want to try out the BEMER medical device that has saved us from many an ache and pain, quite literally, let us know. 

What is BEMER?

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Since we travel full-time, please watch our Facebook fanpages for itinerary updates. Please contact us if you want specific information on our availability. You can also send us snail mail at the address below. Mail forwarding through the postal service is really, really slow, so we advise you to use other methods. To text us, please call first to get our direct mobile numbers, or use Facebook Messenger. 

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